4 Tips to Maintain Your BMW’s Showroom Shine


There’s nothing quite like the look of the showroom shine on your BMW when you drive it off the lot. After taking it for a few spins though, that shine can fade. Dirt, bird droppings, snow, salt, and other debris build up quickly and wear down the paint. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to maintain your BMW’s sparkle.


Wash It Regularly

The first step to keeping a showroom shine on your BMW is to wash it regularly. Start by hosing down your entire vehicle with water. Next, fill a bucket with clean water and car wash soap, and use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub your car in sections. Rinse the soap off before moving on to the next section, and use a stiff brush to scrub your tires and wheel wells.

Once the car is clean, dry it with a microfiber cloth or chamois to stop water spots from appearing. When drying the rims, be sure you don’t touch the tire or else the microfiber will spread dirt.


Clean the Tires

Clean tires go a long way in giving your BMW have that showroom shine. After washing, get the wet, shiny look by applying tire spray or foam. Allow the spray or foam to sit for a few minutes, and then apply a second layer if necessary. Rubbing it in isn’t always necessary, so check the packaging for further instruction. Some sprays or foams are also best applied prior to washing your car, with a second application afterwards, so always read the directions first.


It’s All in the Details

When your BMW came off the showroom floor, every inch of it was clean and shiny, in part due to the extensive detailing by the dealership. Cleaning every nook and cranny will make that shine last.

Use a clean toothbrush or other small brush to clean your car’s rims. These small areas accumulate dirt quickly, and you’d be surprised by how much better they’ll look after a deep cleaning. Clean any chrome that’s on the exterior as well. You can use store-bought cleaners specially made for chrome, or opt for a homemade version by applying a thin layer of vinegar with a clean rag. Finally, clean windows, mirrors, and headlights for a top-notch shine.


Wax On, Wax Off

For a gleaming BMW, apply a coating wax. Make sure your car is freshly washed and dried, then apply a thin layer of your favorite wax to the car’s surface. Do this in a shaded area to ensure the wax doesn’t dry before you can buff it off. Wax one section at a time and buff it off in a small circular motion. The cloth should be clean, but excess wax can accrue on it as you go, so wipe it off regularly.

Keeping your BMW looking good may take a little effort, but it’s well worth your time. With a little elbow grease and a few supplies, you can ensure the shine won’t find and that it will look like you’ve just driven it off the showroom floor.


Image via Flickr by AIR FORCE ONE

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