5 Cool Accessories That Will Make Your BMW Unique

Have you just purchased a BMW and want to make a few little adjustments, or add something not mentioned in the optional packages? BMW has an expansive accessories store that lets you customize and alter your model in almost every way, from performance to exterior and comfort. Here are a few examples of the ways you can accessorize a modern BMW vehicle.

LED Door Light Projector

This snazzy light attaches to the bottom inside of your vehicle’s doors. As long as they’re open, it shines a light that looks like various designs of your choice, including the BMW logo. The bright circle of light comes in several sizes and easily illuminates the ground if you drop your keys or other items, and it can warn you if you parked next to a puddle.

GoPro Camera Holder

BMW’s M-Series consists of small cars, sedans, and SUVs that are all right at home on the track. That’s why the automaker offers a special camera holder that mounts in either the front or back of any current M-Series vehicle and trim level. The GoPro mounts securely to record your driving from the best angle possible and offers full 360-degree rotation controlled by the driver. Be sure to only use this mount on the track, as it extends out and is not safe or legal in everyday public driving.

Outdoor Car Cover

While this practical addition doesn’t add any style to your BMW, it does help preserve it. Many BMW models come with a three-ply fabric cover fitted just for that vehicle. These washable covers easily catch under the vehicle and have special pockets for mirrors and other extremities. They let air flow through while blocking out rain, dirt, dust, tree sap, pollen, and all sorts of things that are best kept off your paint job.

Apple and Android Snap-In Adapter

Wire adapters have a risk of getting yanked, breaking either the charger itself or the port of your expensive device. Wireless charging has its advantages, but the platforms offer no security to keep your device steady during a turn or sudden stop. The Snap-In Adaptor is the perfect middle ground. This adaptor is shaped like your device of choice and lets you pop it right in so that it’s flat, right by your gear lever. It’s easy to use while it’s charging, just like a second touchscreen.

Custom Floor Mats

There are special BMW floor mats and liners for each model in BMW’s lineup. Each one is durable and made with a water line off system to protect the floor, and some are made of beautiful yet durable satin carpet that add an extra touch to the interior. Floor mats, whether for style or raw protection, help preserve the installed carpet of your model and protect it from water, spills, and other things that could require a full floor replacement.

These five accessories are just a sample of what the BMW store offers, and we’re happy to order items for you and help you pick the right thing for your needs. Regardless of whether your BMW came from our lot, we’re happy to help you, so contact us anytime.

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