6 Amazing Safety Features Available on BMW Models

BMW uses intelligent safety mechanisms in all of its vehicles to help prevent injuries. The mechanisms respond to crashes within milliseconds and deliver subsequent actions from the interior to the exterior. Find out six of the best safety features available on the latest BMW models. Car buyers won’t want to drive without them.

Anti-Lock Brakes

The braking system automatically senses when the tires stop rolling during intense braking. The brake pressure will be adjusted, so the tires can move. This increases the car’s capability to turn while slowing down. In adverse conditions, this could be a life-saving technique.

Dynamic Stability Control

This feature quickly determines when the car’s handling limits have been surpassed and decreases engine power. If necessary, the stability control system will apply the brakes to assist the driver in keeping control of the automobile. It diminishes dangerous skidding on the road.

Multiple Airbags

Most cars come equipped with front and side impact airbags for the driver and passengers. They are geared toward protecting the head and torso in the event of a collision. Along with those, BMW models have overhead airbags which will shield everyone’s heads if there is a side crash or rollover.┬áThe airbag system launches the appropriate airbags at the most accurate degree, which is based on the position of the seats and severity of the impact. Standard features now include knee airbags as well.


When a collision occurs, there are pretensioners available to immediately tighten your seatbelts. This places you and your passengers in the best position possible. The concept of a pretensioner is to remove any slack in the seatbelt. The typical locking mechanism would stop the belt from extending, this component pulls it toward you. The pretensioners work with those locking mechanisms instead of replacing them.

Anti-Whiplash Head Restraints

Executives at the BMW Group state that safety has always been a top priority for their company’s vehicles and that they have always done well during the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing. Another of their safety features is anti-whiplash head restraints. These BMW restraints act quickly when a rear crash happens. They support the heads of the passengers to decrease a whiplash incident.

Anti-Theft Security System

The previous safety features all pertain to the unfortunate occasion of a collision. However, a reliable security system is also important for the safety of an automobile and its occupants. BMWs are armed with a feature that can detect an illegal break-in. It anticipates unwanted invasion. If the appropriate car key isn’t used to enter a BMW, the ignition will be disabled and the engine won’t start. Some models provide a stolen vehicle recovery method if your car is successfully taken.

The BMW safety system responds so fast because of its localized structure. Most other vehicle safety packages compile all of the crash information and then have it reviewed by one control unit. BMW has many localized control units that figure out the execution and manner of it on their own. This lowers the time it takes to send data and readies each safety feature for a speedy reaction.


Image via Flickr by tFidelis

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