True Legends: 6 Classic BMW Models We Love


BMW is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury and performance vehicles. Over the years, it has created some legendary cars that are unlike any others on the road. Whether it is a quick roadster or a large luxury sedan, here are some of the classic BMWs we love.

The BMW 507 Roadster

The idea for the BMW 507 Roadster came from a U.S. importer named Max Hoffman. He wanted to create a roadster that would compete with other iconic sports convertibles on the road. This little car had a purpose-built chassis and came with a 3.2-liter engine, but because the build was so expensive, the price tag doubled during production. They were only able to sell 252 of these roadsters, although it is still considered one of the most beautiful cars BMW ever made.

The 2002 tii

In the 1960s, BMW came out with the 2002 tii in an attempt to revitalize the brand. This car had a unibody design with a squared-off look along with an independent rear suspension. It didn’t take long for this to become one of BMW’s best-selling vehicles. The 2002 tii came with a 2.0-liter 130-horsepower inline four-engine, and it featured direct injection. The shark-nosed front end and excellent handling helped add to the popularity of this vehicle.

The BMW 2002 Turbo

The 2002 Turbo was one of the first turbo vehicles ever built. This came with turbo graphics on the front bumper, so everyone knew that BMW was the first to hit the roads with this type of engine. The 2002 Turbo had a KKK blower, and although the manufacturer only built 1,672 of these, it made its mark in the automobile world by leading the way to the 2000C/CS E9, which became a popular coupe.

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What Are BMW’s iPerformance Models?


Hybrids and electric vehicles are finally starting to nudge their way toward center stage. For much of the time they’ve been on the road, these cars have been surrounded by all manner of negative stereotypes. “They don’t have enough power.” “They don’t respond quickly enough.” “I need a car with some rumble in the engine.”

Despite the stereotypes, these vehicles have been improving and many drivers are jumping on the efficiency bandwagon. BMW is redefining the plug-in hybrid and utterly destroying these stereotypes with their iPerformance lineup. Here’s what you need to know about this selection of cars that manage to be both powerful and eco-friendly.


What Makes the iPerformance Models Special?


No, BMW didn’t suddenly team up with Apple and start making iCars. What makes the iPerformance vehicles special is how BMW took what worked with the BMW i8 hybrid drivetrain and applied it to an entire line of high-quality vehicles. Every iPerformance model uses BMW eDrive electric drive technology. An electric motor, lithium-ion battery, and intelligent energy management all team up to take these models from short to medium to long distances while completely running on electricity. When necessary, the two-liter, TwinPower Turbo gasoline engine kicks in.

Thanks to this combination of electric and gasoline-powered technology, drivers can get the power and performance they expect from BMW while still saving money at the pump.


iPerformance Drive Modes

For an even more enhanced driving experience, the iPerformance models can run on different driving modes for different driving styles. Kicking on the AUTO eDRIVE model will determine the most efficient combination of the iPerformance model’s electric motor and combustion engine by analyzing driving speed and battery charge. For more power, switch to eDRIVE mode, which allows for higher acceleration powered only by electricity. Need to save your battery charge for later? Switch to SAVE BATTERY mode and your combustion engine will charge the battery as you drive.


The iPerformance Models

Longtime BMW fans will be happy to see that the iPerformance models aren’t the stubby cars you may expect to be hybrids, they’re the same models you already love with a plug-in hybrid upgrade. If you’re looking for a sporty ride, you can’t beat the BMW 330e sport sedan. With excellent power, handling, and agility, you’ll quickly forget you’re driving a hybrid. Maybe you need something innovative. The BMW 530e blends great performance with innovative technology so you can stay connected to your vehicle.

The BMW 740e x Drive has it all. It’s a class-leading luxury sedan with all the tech, comfort, and convenience you could ever need. BMW doesn’t like to call the BMW X5 xDrive 40e an SUV. No, it’s a Sport Activity Vehicle with all the power, space, and off-road capability you need to adventure in luxury. All these vehicles include the hybrid tech that makes the iPerformance lineup so great.

Once you go iPerformance, you’ll never go back. Don’t believe us? Come down to Patrick BMW and check out the iPerformance models for yourself!