The Top 5 Food Tours to Experience a Taste of Chicago


If you would like to know more about the culinary heritage and emerging trends of Chicago’s restaurants, booking a food tour is a good way to do so. Several themed tours are available for locals and tourists, introducing you to the secrets of creating delicious recipes. Find out more about the best ways to get a taste of Chicago below.


Chicago Favorites Food Tour

If you want to know what makes the locals excited about food in Chicago, this tour is a good choice. Starting at just $49 per person, you can visit the best pizza restaurants, taste the original local hot dogs, and pick up traditional brownies. You will also see how local beer is brewed, and learn about the history of the great city.

Starting at Bobby’s Bike Hike, this tour is offered either as a part of a biking package or as a walking event. The tour takes approximately three hours to complete and is suitable for all abilities. Apart from food, you will also visit some of the landmark buildings of Chicago such as Palmer House and the Millennium Park.


Chicago Beer Experience Tours

A great tour if you would like to find out more about Chicago’s history and colorful nightlife. You have three different routes to choose from: one covering Lincoln Park and Lakeview, another taking you through Wicker Park and Bucktown, and a third through the Loop and South Loop in the downtown area. You can experience the different beer styles of Chicago, as well as the tradition of the “beer and bacon” establishments in the 19th century, and visit the latest microbreweries in the area.


Chicago Food Planet Tours

You can taste the best of Chicago in style when you sign up for one of the tours organized by the Chicago Food Planet. You can experience the taste of all seasons, and see a new side of the city. The Second City Classic tour costs $52 for adults and includes seven tasting sessions.

Starting at 11 a.m. and running every half hour, the tour takes you through the Old Town, visiting the Old Town Oil traditional balsamic vinegar manufacturer, spice merchants, and The Fudge Pot for some sweet bites. You can try Middle Eastern food at the Old Jerusalem, try pastry at the French La Fournette, and indulge yourself with Lou Malnati’s traditional Chicago deep dish pizza.


Historic Chicago Bar Tour

The historic Pub Crawl Tour operates on Thursday nights and lets you visit some of the oldest and most prestigious traditional Chicago bars. You will be offered appetizers at every stop, and try some of the best wine the bar has to offer. Pop in the famous Billy Goat Tavern, visit the Tribune Tower and experience the nightlife of Chicago on this short and easy walking tour.

No matter if you are a craft beer person or prefer pizza and sweets, Chicago’s historic food tours have plenty to offer for your taste buds. Make new friends and learn about the tradition of food when you book your Chicago food tour.

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